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Welcome to Auspicious Living.

Auspicious Living is a life of goodness, wellness, happiness and joy. Here you will find inspiration and tips on fabulous living and everything in between. As we travel the world and down the street, we will share the goodies we discover along the way.

As we sit at the feet of life’s teachers,  we will share what we learn. As we sit at the end of the ocean’s shore, we will share what we hear in the sound of the waves crashing against our feet and the great deal we got on the resort. We are pretty thrifty here at Auspicious Living.


As we wander through the desserts on our way to Las Vegas, we will share the lessons the desserts teach and the best places to stay once you get to the city that never sleeps. Life is a journey, a sweet one if we see it that way…and we want to help everyone see it that way.


Let us discover it together and rest in the realm of auspicious living!

Publisher, Senior Writer and Editor in Chief
Dana L. Perry