There is absolutely no way I could create and oversee an online magazine that is designed to motivate, empower and inspire people and leave out the “GOOD BOOK”.

Absolutely, NO WAY!

The bible is called the “GOOD BOOK” for a reason. Many reasons actually. The bible is God’s love letter to mankind. Once you get to the meat of the message and see beyond the recordings of man, you will find that it is a book of power and freedom!

good book

In it, we see who we are to the Creator and who the Creator is to us.

In it, we find His commitment to never leave us or forsake us. We see we are created in Gods image and likeness. We see that we are over-comer’s in Christ. We see that we can do all things in Him who strengthens us. We see that we may have to cry in the midnight hour, but JOY always comes in a morning!

It is beautiful declaration of all things amazing. All things yummy. All things GOOD! This is probably going to be my favorite place to be. Please join me and join me often.


Editor In Chief
Auspicious Living



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