Once Upon a Time- I Hated Me

Yeah, I said it, and I couldn’t care less if you judge me. It was thick, it was inescapable, and it was undeniable. I HATED MYSELF. I could not for […]

Touch Me…

“But I text you! Didn’t you get it?” “You didn’t see it on Facebook?” “I put it on my Instagram.” “I don’t know how you missed it. Everyone else saw […]

Look Until You Find It

My office….Business cards. A dirty coffee cup. Magazines. Vision boards. An almost gone $6.99 Lavender Lilac scented candle. Paper clips. Affirmations. Post its. A Dollar Tree wall plaque that says […]

Show Up STRONG!!!

I hated her voice! YES! I SAID HATED! Her legs stretched effortlessly into the Warrior pose in her size two workout gear with a smile and no hint of sweat […]

When Your Pain Makes Sense

I don’t think you would do it. As a matter of fact, I KNOW you wouldn’t. If you knew ahead of time that your loved one would betray you, you […]

HER First

“HER First” Before you judge HER Know her pain The tears she’s cried from others’ gain The rivers from her eyes poured like rain The smile that covers her hidden […]

When Heartbreak Happens

“Say please, and definitely always-ALWAYS say ‘Thank you’.” “Whenever you walk into the house make sure to say hello because the person coming in the house is the one who […]

Living or Alive?

The latest atrocity happened when the mother of a four-year-old was accused of not only starving her but killing her. A few days after that, an unarmed African-American man was […]

Pick It Up!

It was small but aggravating nonetheless. It was a small piece of paper about the size of a dime, and it’s white color made it stand out on the brown […]

Forgiveness: The Selfish Gift

I knew that something was terribly wrong. Every time he looked at me, I could see beyond the tears in his eyes that his mind had left him standing there alone trying to piece together the words to tell me the wrong that would shatter my heart.


The idea seemed harmless enough- THEN. As I straightened my black and white polka dot dress after standing up, I found myself uncomfortably positioned between a young mother holding her […]

Resurrecting Dead and Delayed Dreams

THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS THE SAME. It doesn’t matter how perplexed I look or how I try to rephrase, explain or water down the question. The answer is always, “I […]


I am on a very strict morning routine that includes waking a slumbering (and sometimes sobbing) eight-year-old to the excitement of another fabulous day in second grade and practically shaking […]