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Welcome to Auspicious Living Magazine.

This magazine is a reflection of all the things that are essential to living a favored, free, fun, forgiving and gracious life.

  • A divine connection
  • Knowing purpose
  • Fulfilling purpose
  • Great food
  • Great sex
  • Awesome parenting
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Looking good
  • Being good
  • Gratitude
  • Travel
  • Good health
  • Great times
  • Love
  • And more love.

Our writers are passionate and compassionate. Creating the best for the best…you. You are the reason this magazine was created. Like me, you know there is more and you want more. You want to be more of who you are while enjoying the measure of bounty you already have.

Living in appreciation and anticipation!

Auspicious Living Magazine





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