Where in the hell did you come from?

Appearing in my life out of nowhere seemingly

But you have been here all along

Waiting on me to get my shit together

Cleanse my soul and spirit of old loves and toxic ties

None of those weak, wack, petty Betty’s even compare to you

Simple minded men with simple minded strategies

Truly embarrassing that I gave them any part of me

Thank you Most High for the growth

You are the man my imagination dreamed

I loved you before I knew you


Everything I want and need

The warrior chic can finally say it

I need…

I need what you give to me

I cannot sleep without it

Daydreaming until I get it

So if its any constellation

Youre love is breaking me down and building me up

I cannot even call you King

Whats better than King?


Yeah, God.

Pretty damn close.

-Lily Rose

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