Brian Kemp signed HB481 into law. It is now illegal to get an abortion in Georgia after 6 weeks. This ‘law’ that violates the rights of women (which are human rights violations by the allow) prohibits her from the expressed freedom of making her own decisions as it relates to her body and reproductive choices is a no go. We do not need Brian Kemps permission to do anything…or any man for that matter. (Language warning) We are free to make our own decisions and fund our decisions. I am asking RESISTERS all over the world to support women as we march forward in our freedom. We are not going back despite laws protecting us being rolled back like a cheap Walmart sale. Take the pledge below and get your coins together. You just may have to support a woman by flying her to a city near you. Free Still! PS. Ladies, get your coins together so you will be in a position to help someone.

Source: The Underground Railroad #2. Resisting HB481. WOMEN together in CHOICE! 05/08 by Live with Dana | Entertainment