Women are conditioned to stick and stay. Women bear the full responsibility of cheating husbands who are dishonest in the core of their being. Women take pride in being pissed on and abused. New members of R. Kelly’s PEE HIVE, I guess. No. God admonishes us to love ourselves and to protect ourselves and to know who we are in HIM and not seek validation from any other source. Church women are dying in the pews and the pulpit in the name of love and either the man that is to protect them or assist them is having his way. People do not change decades of behavior under the guise of getting it right. Who they are is who they are and what they do is what they do. They just get better at hiding it. The woman that a man leaves and goes back to is deeply broken and she choses to trust familiar pain as opposed to going through the painful process of healing that will lead to true liberation. Aventar Gray, this is not cute and this is not the next church sexy. It is the same tired old story of a woman being mistreated, broken, abused and humiliated only to stick stay and smile. You deserve better. You deserve better and John cannot give it to you. John is John and better is better.

Source: Pastor John Gray Confessed to Cheating on Wife 03/22 by Live with Dana | Entertainment