As a woman, I know how important it is to be in charge of our lives and often we are not. Too many of us are living on someone else’s terms. We invest hundred of thousands of hours working for others, building their dreams while forsaking our own. We spend years with partners who do not support our dreams and our voices as we support theirs. Too many of us are paying rent, paying our landlords mortgages never to acquire or own. And at the end of our journey, not having a substantial NET WORTH or, any assets to leave our children because we bought into the lie that it was someone else’s responsibility to provide this FOR US. No, it is OUR responsibility to provide this for US and our children if we have them.

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So with that, I am extending a special invitation for 12 SINGLE WOMEN to join WO. Women Own. This network is for Single Women Only. Providing them along with a team of experts with the tools they need to become homeowners and business owners. We will have clear and concise goals, a clear vision, and forge a realistic path of action. At the end of each individual program, every woman who does the WORK will be in a position to purchase their home, start their business, acquire additional assets and plant the seeds for long term financial success.

Why for single women only? Because single women are free to make decisions about what is best for their lives and how they will pursue what is best. I do not debate with folks husbands.

Source: Single Ladies You Are Invited to WO! Women Own. 02/19 by Live with Dana | Entertainment