So you all know the last few weeks have been take my breath away amazing. Yesterday, the website for my skincare line was launched ( and orders are already coming in. Lily Rose has been twirling around my heart for a while and is making its way into the hands of those who want an all natural product with healing properties unlike any on the market.

I have used my products for years. Whenever I need something, I usually think about creating it first. Authenticity and chemical free is important to me especially the Mommy me. If one of my kids scrape their knee, I am not reaching for Neosporin. I am in my naturally healing remedy book to see what I need to mix together.

Kinda just what I do.

So, I am taking pictures of my body parts to show off my Lily Rose Glow and I see a heart at the base of my leg in the photo.

Like for real. A heart.

I did not see it at first but I was looking at the picture again and saw it. At first, I thought it was the wine. Its been a wine night, concert night, party night but I showed the photo to several people and they all confirmed,  “that is a heart growing on your leg”.

All I can do is smile.

I really do not think a physical heart is going to take over my leg but the heart I see in this picture is reflective of the love and the light that is present in my life. The wonderful thing about my now is that I do not have to find happy. I do not have to get away for peace. I do not need to escape anything.

Everyday is the weekend.

I am happy. I am at peace. I am living my wildest dreams. Love is taking over me.


The evidence is right there.

At the bottom of my leg.

Good Golly Miss Molly.

Not sure how much more I can take.

That is a lie. Yes, I do know. I can take more. A whole lot more.