Church can be a mystical place where things happen outside of the realm of our soulish understanding.

There is a praise cry, a sound that is released in the atmosphere that resonates with the heart of the worshiper that triggers a response in the spirit realm that supercedes the natural.

I explain it to my children this way.

It is impossible to encounter or embrace a supernatural God and there not be a supernatural response or result.

God is omnipresent. Unable to be contained within any four walls anywhere. You do not have to be in church to encounter or experience TRUTH but my experience has been there are some places where GOD is more tangible and more accessible than others and HIS SPIRIT is often felt in the place we call the house of worship.

It is in this place where hearts are mended, wounds are cleaned and healed, the bound are freed and the sick recover.

There is a power in praise. There is power in worship. There is something that happens when you touch God that doesn’t happen until you touch Him.

Nothing else produces this result. No other touch produces this kind of ecstasy. I know where I have to go to get this fix.

It is at the altar. The sweetest place I know. I am far from perfect but in this sweet place, I am in the arms of the ONE who is… and nothing else and no one else matters.

Auspicious Living