This woman came across my path and I saw what every other man saw. Strength. Resolve. Passion. Pain. Purpose. Beauty and my God, those lips, those eyes.

Initially, her sun was blinding. She was the brightest thing in the room. Drawing everyone into her. I had to approach her because I am to love her.

She blew me off. She thought she was going to get rid of me with some cautionary tale about just getting out of a relationship with her daughters father. Not wanting to move to fast. Taking it slow.

I heard her, but I didn’t hear her.

That loser is gone. He is your past.

I am your future.

I am your now.

I am going to love you.

I am going to love his seed.

My child.

I am done talking, baby girl.

Come here.

Let me show you.

The King is here.

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