This poetic piece of art, chronicles my development as a woman. A woman who is committed to her truth, transparency and triumphant nature. Over the span of 45 years or so, I have been writing. Poetry, short stories, plays, articles, thoughts and ponders. Writing is one of my vehicles of release.

I have released pain and pleasure. Doubt and relunctancy. Uncertaintainty and exploration. With a pen and a pad, I have journeyd to deep and dark places in my soul and my mind has carried me to divine and majestic places in my spirit.

This poetic expression is bold, daring and captivating. It started when I was a very little girl and now, I am a good and formed woman. It has been a pretty exciting ride.

One hell of a poetic journey. Order your copy today and be encouraged along your journey! Even when it is messy, it is sweet!




-Dana L. Perry, Publisher/Senior Writer
Auspicious Living Magazine